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Sheltered Housing

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is the term given to a group of self-contained flats or bungalows available to older people. Tenants in sheltered housing have the support of members of our staff who visit at agreed intervals and promote people’s independence, quality of life and good health. The service offered is tailored to each tenant’s particular needs, as each customer is assessed individually upon entry to the scheme. We understand how older people treasure their independence and aim to help them to retain as much as possible.

Sheltered housing offers tenants:

  • Guest room facilities
  • A safe, secure and warm place to live
  • Support from professional staff to promote continued independence
  • Peace of mind by knowing that each property is linked to the HomeCall alarm system
  • Their own tenancy - with legal rights
  • Their own front door
  • A safe, secure and warm environment
  • An easy to manage home
  • Opportunities for life-long learning


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Specially built sheltered accommodation

The Council has 11 specially built sheltered housing schemes, each offering:

  • Central heating
  • Communal facilities; lounge, general use kitchen, laundries, store rooms
  • Staff available on site
  • HomeCall community alarm
  • Opportunities for social events, day trips and holidays
  • Specialist bathing facilities (for example, showers that do not have steps and special baths)
  • Maintained gardens


The accommodation offered differs within schemes but is usually a one bedroom flat with a fitted kitchen, a combined bathroom and toilet and lounge. We also have some bedsits available.

See sheltered scheme locations for further information.

Other types of accommodation

Other accommodation may also be suitable for older people, which is not based on schemes but is situated together to create a mini community for older people. These schemes include bungalows and low rise flats. However, any tenant over the age of 60, wherever they live in Dudley, can request the support of a visiting member of staff. A support plan will be agreed with the tenant, which includes the frequency of visits and may result in a community alarm being issued for extra piece of mind.

Who is Sheltered Housing for?

Sheltered housing is just another choice of accommodation available to older people. To be eligible applicants have to be over the age of 60 years, or in some instances disabled people under 60 may be eligible (speak to our specialist Lettings Officers for further advice). Council operated sheltered housing is also available to owner-occupiers but is governed by certain limitations. Please speak to our Lettings Officers for more information.

People living in sheltered housing are as individual as those in the wider community. Some of our residents are fit and active older people who simply want a bit of security and company, whereas others require more care and support, which can be provided on-site.

Communal facilities are available for all tenants to use, enabling them to enrich their social life by mixing with other residents and joining in with activities and events.

We feel that maintaining people’s dignity and privacy is essential and this is a policy which is respected and promoted by all our staff. Our sheltered schemes are a real home where we believe residents can enjoy life to the full.

The following form can be used to request Sheltered Housing:

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My Story

My story - tells Mr F's story. Mr F has lived happily in one of our sheltered housing schemes for the past 20 years.

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