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What Does The Virtual School Do?

A young girl with paint on both her hands

When young people enter the care system their needs are individual and the support they are given has to be reviewed regularly, monitored and adapted. For many of the children and young people, education remains the one really stable part of their lives.

The Virtual School (LACES) Staff:

  • Work closely with colleagues from Social Care with the aim of ensuring that all children are placed in appropriate education provision;

  • Support effective delivery of Personal Education Plans;

  • Monitor the outcome of Personal Education Plans;

  • Identify key points in the child’s education and ensure appropriate action is taken;

  • Provide ongoing regular support to residential units and foster carers;

  • Provide advice and guidance to children, parents, carers, social workers, schools and agencies. This includes regular updates by post, email and on the web site.

  • Provide a range of joint and specific training opportunities to raise awareness of issues and concerns relating to the educational needs of looked after children;

  • Encourage, support and celebrate young people’s successes and achievements. This includes the promotion of children's participation in out of school activities and projects.