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Training and Development

  • 7 - Free workshops to get people on line Dudley Council is offering a programme of workshops next week in libraries and learning centres to help people get to grips with the Internet.
  • Dudley Youth Council Dudley Youth CouncilDudley Youth Council is a group of local young people aged between 11 and 19 who represent young people's views and work towards improving things for young people in the borough. Dudley Youth Council...
  • Dudley Youth Service: For Young People, By Young People With Young People At the heart of our service is the involvement of Young people. The aim of the Dudley Youth Service will be to build relationships with young people aged 13 to 19 (up to 25 for young people with a...
  • Education Financial Documents Please select a year from the menu appearing along the left hand side of the page to view Section 52 data
  • Holiday Grants Programme This page gives infromation about the project and how/ when young people can apply
  • Home to School/College Transport - Age 16-19 Home to School/College Transport - Age 16-19
  • Key Stage Test Dates Key Stage 1 Tests can be taken at any time in the year. Key Stage 2: Test Timetable The test period for 2011 will be Monday 9 May - Friday 13 May Key Stage 4 Refer to the GCSE timetable. This can be...
  • Open Access Youth Work Universal area based youth work is delivered in five area based teams within the borough and managed by an area team leader. Each area has a combination of types of youth work, including: Youth...
  • S251 2010-11 July 2010 This page contains Section 51 2010-11 data prepared in July 2010
  • S52 2009-10 Outturn Statement This page contains S52 2009-10 Outturn Statements
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