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St Thomas's Dudley
St Thomas's Dudley

How to ... research your family history

For a real insight into living history and your ancestors’ lives, tracing your family tree is the best place to start! This absorbing hobby delves into the treasures of the archive and reveals the fascinating story of your heritage.

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Image of a plan of a building in Dudley
Image taken from DTAN/P4/1

How to ... research your house history

Tracing the history of your house can be enormously rewarding, though it is rarely straightforward. Despite this, every house, even a relatively modern house, has it’s own unique story to tell, and it’s your job to tell it!

Research into the history of your house can be divided roughly into two main areas: ownership and occupation; and its building and architectural history. It is usually easier to find out about the people who lived in a property rather than the history of the building itself, however, the same records can often be used for both areas. This guide aims to familiarise you with the steps involved in tracing the history of your house, and the sources available at the Archives.

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