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Music and Film

Some libraries have a range of music CDs and film DVDs available to borrow.  To find out if your library stocks music or film, contact your nearest library

Don't forget you can still request music and film items and collect them from any library.  You can search for and request items online via the online catalogue.


There is an extensive selection of music that can be borrowed.  Types of music includes pop, dance, bollywood, classical, opera, jazz and soundtracks to name a few.  To search for a particular music title you can use our online catalogue (which will also allow you to request an item for collection at any library).  Don't forget to have a look at our tips for searching for music and film further down the page.


We stock all types of DVDs which includes Hollywood and bollywood titles, as well as box sets of series such as '24'.  There is also a good selection of non-fiction titles which includes cooking, exercise, phonics for children, and lots more!  You can search for (and request), a particular DVD using our online catalogue.   

Tips for searching for music and film

  • Whilst on the online catalogue select 'Advanced Search' from the menu on the left.

  • From box number 1- click on the drop-down box and select 'Class'.

  • In the next empty box use the following list of codes to narrow your search:

DVD's= type in VFILM

For music:

  • Classical Music= type in 1
  • Classical Collections= type in 2
  • Brass & Military= type in 2A
  • Solo instrumental concerts= type in 3
  • Solo piano concerts= type in 4
  • Asian popular= type in 5
  • Asian Film= type in 5A
  • Asian Folk= type in 5B
  • Asian Classical= type in 5C
  • Asian Instrumental= type in 5D
  • Qawallis, ghazals, geet= type in 5E
  • Asian Devotional= type in 5F
  • Opera= type in 6
  • Song Recitals= type in 7
  • Choral= type in 8
  • Choral Compilations= type in 8A
  • Folk  & Country= type in 9 
  • Folk & world= type in 9A
  • Jazz= type in 10
  • Blues & RnB= type in 10A
  • Films and shows= type in 11
  • Pop & Rock= type in 12A
  • Easy Listening= type in 12B
  • Easy Listening compilations= type in 12C
  • Comedy= type in 13
  • Poetry= type in 14
  • Talking Books= type in 15
  • Languages= type in 16
  • Bible= type in 17
  • Miscellaneous= type in 18
  • Junior books and music= type in 19
  • Dancing= type in 20 


You can view our current fees and charges for hire on our Library Charges page or go back to our 'About the Library' page.