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Reminiscence Packs and Dementia Collection

Reminiscence Packs are available for loan free of charge from Dudley libraries.

People with dementia often have difficulty remembering what’s recently happened in their lives. This can leave them feeling confused, vulnerable and less confident. However, their memories from years ago often remain detailed and intact. Recalling these memories can be immensely therapeutic, not to mention enjoyable.

Reading Well Books for dementia

Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia recommends books you might find helpful if you have dementia, are caring for someone with dementia or would like to find out more about the condition. The books provide information and advice, support for living well, advice for relatives and carers, and personal stories. 

NHS Choices

NHS Choices now feature information about Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia on the following pages of their Dementia Guide: 

Reminiscence items for loan

Reminiscence items encourage sharing memories. If used with a group at a day centre, or residential home they are relationship building, they help people to get to know each other, they can be a recollection of life’s experiences without being intrusive, people also act as memory triggers for each other, they also engage isolated people, help rediscover social skills, give people a voice, bring people together, help people move on, value everybody’s experiences. 

  • The 26 individual packs contain copies of Old Newspapers, Booklets and packs of multiple smaller items They can be used for working with older people and adults with disabilities, either in a group setting or one-to-one.

  • The collection in libraries contain a wide range of materials for example copies of old newspapers such as the Evening Standard June 2nd 1953 reporting on the Coronation of Elizabeth II.

  • There are two booklets available Make do and Mend and one covering Trends in makeup, pop music, hair-styles, dancing, jewellery and fashion.

  • The multiple packs containing replica items from the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s copies of old catalogues, letters, tickets, cards, brochures, official documents, packaging and labelling.

  • The full list of items can be seen further down the page. You can also see a photo of the contents of a typical pack.

Pictures to Share

To support the packs we have a collection of books called 'Pictures to Share', and these are available from all libraries in Dudley borough.

The Pictures to Share collection of books are for people with dementia as they help make communication easier and encourage reminiscence. The books are designed to be clear, simple and often colourful with no confusing backgrounds.

For further information to discover how to use the Pictures to Share collection or Reminiscence packs and materials, please contact Sue Harper by email or on 01384 818360 or

  • Beside the Seaside in Pictures 
  • Funny Old World in Pictures
  • Sporting Life in Pictures
  • Childhood days in Pictures
  • In the Garden in Pictures
  • Travelling in Pictures
  • Countryside in Pictures
  • Proverbs and Sayings
  • Women’s work in Pictures
  • Family Live in Pictures
  • Shopping in Pictures
  • World of Work in Pictures



  • Britain in Pictures 100 years of crime
  • Britain in Pictures  The 1940s
  • Britain in Pictures The 1960s
  • Britain in Pictures The 1990s
  • Britain in Pictures The 2000s
  • Britain in Pictures Football
  • Britain in Pictures Railways
  • Carling, Chris But then something happened: a story of dementia
  • Cropley, Marylyn The Art Activity Manual : a group work resource
  • Dynes, Robin The Classic Quiz book 1: a social activity manual for groups
  • Dynes, Robin Memory Games for Groups
  • Dynes, Robin The Memory handbook: strategies & activities to aid memory
  • Dynes, Robin Writing Life Histories : a guide for use in caring environments
  • Fassio, Michael Dementia and Mum – Who really cares?
  • Karras, Beckie  Finishing Lines
  • Glynne-Jones, Tim Born in the 40s
  • Glynne-Jones, Tim Born in the 60s
  • Maple, Jane  Born in the 50s
  • News Headlines of Your Decade 1970s
  • News Headlines of Your Decade 1960s
  • News Headlines of Your Decade 1950s5
  • Opie, Robert The 1950s Scrapbook
  • Opie,Robert  The 1960s Scrapbook
  • Opie, Robert The 1970s Scrapbook
  • Opie, Robert The Royal Scrapbook
  • Salomon, Rita Seeing beyond Dementia
  • Sherman, Mike The Reminiscence Quiz Book: 19300s-1960s
  • Stanley, Evelyn Washday Blues
  • Sumrall, Teresa What Do You Know?: Trivia Fun & Activities for seniors
  • Telling tales about dementia: experiences of caring
  • Vize, Anne Reading in the Moment, Activities and Stories to Share with Adults with Dementia
  • Walsh, Danny Recipes for Reminiscence 
  • Zoutewelle, Sarah Chocolate Rain, 
  • 100 ideas for creative approach to activities in Dementia Care



  •  Evening Standard  – Coronation 1953

  • Evening Standard – D-Day Landings 1944
  • Daily Express – Dunkirk 1940
  • Daily Express – Britain Declares War 
  • Daily Sketch – Victory in Europe 1945
  • Daily Sketch – Blitz 1940
  • Daily Sketch – Battle of Britain 1940



  • 1950s
  • 1960s Childhood
  • The Blitz
  • Children’s War
  • Christmas Past
  • The Garden
  • Golden Age of Cruise Liners
  • Golden Age of Motoring
  • Golden Age of Steam Trains
  • Home Front
  • Home Guard
  • RAF at War
  • Titanic
  • War at Sea
  • Wish You Were Here
  • Women’s War
  • Yanks



  • Make do and Mend
  • Trends In


Designed for people living with dementia, to stimulate memories and conversation

  • Designed for people living with dementia, to stimulate memories and conversation
  • Animal Puzzle 24 large varied shaped pieces, packed full of colour and detail.
  • Bens Puzzles Classic Cars; 30 piece jigsaw designed for people living with dementia
  • Bens Puzzles Fun at the Seaside 11 piece jigsaw 
  • Bens Puzzle Hit for Six
  • Bens Puzzle Helping in the Garden 
  • Bens Puzzles London Bus 11 piece jigsaw
  • Bens Puzzles - Mountain View 11 piece jigsaw
  • Bens Puzzles Mans Best Friend Dog Puzzle 11 piece jigsaw
  • Bens Puzzles Poppy Field 11 piece jigsaw 
  • Bens Puzzles Steam Locomotives 11 piece jigsaw
  • Daily Delivery - 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Evening Walk - 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Farmyard Scene 23 piece jigsaw: designed for people living with dementia
  • Feathered Friends - 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Helping in the Garden 11 piece jigsaw
  • Hit for Six Puzzle  11 piece jigsaw
  • John Bull - 30 large piece jigsaw
  • Junk and Disorderly - 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Lauderette 30 piece jigsaw designed for people living with dementia
  • River Cottage 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Sealife Puzzles for use with people with dementia
  • Simply the Best - 250 large piece jigsaw
  • Solent Table Mangle – 30 large piece jigsaw
  • Underwater world 50 piece jigsaw puzzle: designed for people living with dementia
  • Vintage Cars Puzzle for use with people with dementia
  • Watering the Garden 11 piece jigsaw
  • Wildlife Puzzle : 20 large, unusual shaped pieces.


  • Blueberry Hilll 100 party Favourites : CD and Songbook An up-beat collection of popular songs from 1940-1980 
  • Christmas songs and Carols of World War l
  • Sing Along : 21 Popular songs
  • Sounds Nostalgic 30 wonderful theme tunes from BBC Radio 40s &50s
  • Sounds Nostalgic Voices from the 40s & 50


Communication and Conversation

  • Franklin, Ian  Famous Faces Cards  - Talking and Remembering Pack 1.
  • More Famous Faces Cards – Talking and Remembering Pack 2
  • Chatterbox 1950’s Conversation Cards
  • Decades Discussion Cards 50s and 60s
  • Decades Discussion Cards 70s and 80s
  • Lets Talk Discussion Cards
  • Many Happy Returns 1940s
  • Memory Joggers – Royalty 1940-1989
  • Memory Joggers- Entertainment 1940-1989



  • Postcard Assortment Pack
  • Famous Portraits Memory Game
  • Match the Sayings Set 1
  • Match the Sayings Set 

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