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Children using computers

Online Safety 

This page provides useful information on internet safety for children, parents, carers and everyone else.  Our anti-bullying page has details of where to go for help if you are being bullied, and information for parents and carers.

We have details about about our public pcs, and our guidelines on use of images of children on the Dudley Council website.

Below we have some useful links.   

Useful Sites 

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These include games, videos and downloadable resources.


Public Access PCs

All children require parental/guardian permission before being allowed to use the public access computers in libraries.

Dudley Libraries has a number of Firewalls in place on the people's network machines.  These firewalls block categories of websites such as for example  Adult/Sexually Explicit sites, drugs, personals, dating and violence to name a few.
However we can not guarantee that all unsuitable sites will be blocked and we recommend that children are supervised whilst using the computers. 

Guidelines on use of Images 

Dudley Council has strict guidelines about the use of the images of children on it's website, whether it is a photograph, video or webcam.

The Data Protection Act 1998 affects the use of photography. Permission of use must be consented by the parent if the child is under 12, including why and where the photo will be used.