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Free access to research journals in the library

What is it?

Access to Research is a new initiative, providing access to academic journals and conference proceedings online, from public libraries across the UK.


In a move welcomed by the Government, Access to Research has been developed by publishers as part of the balanced package recommended in the Finch Report of July 2012, Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: how to expand access to research publications.

The Finch Report recommended that major subscription-based publishers should license public libraries throughout the UK to provide access to peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, free of charge, for ‘walk-in’ users at library premises.

The aim is that provision through public libraries in this way will enhance the ‘walk-in’ access already available at university libraries, and would enable anyone to have free access to a wealth of journal articles and conference proceedings at their local public library. Access to Research will benefit those looking for authoritative information relevant to their interests and needs. 

How to access it

Access is only available on our Public access computers using the Firefox browser.

These can be booked in advance if you wish.

Visit the Journals landing page and make sure you read the terms. There is a lot of help on the page but you can also download the user guide below.

Further Journals

The following websites also offer access to research journals (also available from home):

BASE: provides access to 56 million documents.

CORE: provides access to 20 million documents.

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