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Open to All

Dudley libraries are open to all and encourage everyone to make full use of libraries.  If you are not a member of the library then join for free today! 

This page shows the range of resources and information suitable for the particular needs of various groups which includes those with disabilities, socially excluded groups, carers, or people from Black and minority ethnic groups.

Apna Reading Group

Language books, newspapers, music and DVDs

We stock books in other languages.  We also have a range of Asian language newspapers and magazines and you download a list by visiting the Information Services page.  In addition some libraries stock Asian music and film DVDs.  There are also African Caribbean books which are given an orange spot, as well as related newspapers and magazines.  Again, our Information Services page provides a downloadable list of what newspapers and magazines your library holds.

Large Print and books on tape/CD

If you have any sight problems, large print books may be ideal for you.  Alternatively you can choose from a range of books on tape or CD as well as Playaways.   Playaways are small matchbox sized audio-book players.  Just plug in earphones and go!  We now also offer downloadable talking books which is free to all library members.  Books can be listened to on your computer or transferred to a portable music device such as an iPod, or mobile phone.

Baby Quicktips in various languages

The literacy trust website has a range of Baby Quicktips which includes subjects like talking to your baby.  They are available in a range of languages.

Feel Good Books for children, parents and carers

We now have a selection of 'feel good' books for children, parents and carers.  These include a number of different topics such as self-esteem, bullying, anxiety, feeling jealous, peer pressure and much more.  You can see the full list on our reading lists and you can request them (it's free) for collection from any library.

Living Books

You may also be interested in the services of a charity which provides special 'living book packs' by post, to blind and partially sighted adults, young people and children.  These packs include audio and specially created tactile books.  Visit the Living Paintings website to find out more.  If you would like to see what the packs look like, we have a few examples.  Please contact us.

Good Healthcare for all: free booklet

A free booklet is available which offers practical hints and tips for people with learning disabilities, family carers and anyone who supports a person with learning disabilities on how to go about using the NHS, what to expect, real life examples of challenges and how they can be overcome as well as some advice about how to get help and some useful contacts to get more information. Get the booklet.

Home Library Service

Home Library Service

The Home Library Service provides a free library service to anyone who has difficulty in getting to a library due to illness, age, or if they are a carer.  Visit the Home Library Service page to find out more.

Your Reading Choices Tool

Your Reading Choices is a tool to help blind and partially sighted people find the books they need. It is a short online questionnaire which forms the basis of a personal reading plan, with details of helpful organisations and useful contact details. 

Doc ready

Doc Ready is a digital tool that helps young people to prepare and make the most out of mental health related GP visits


Libraries are able to offer facilities to assist everyone to use computers.  These include wheelchair friendly workstations as well as various adaptive technologies.  Ask your library for full details.


We have ESOL collections which can help people to improve their English reading and writing skills.  We also have books to help anyone taking the citizenship test. 


We provide free access to an online Citizenship Test training package to all members of the library which can be used from home or on any of our library computers.  In addition we have a selection of citizenship books.

Easy to Understand Collection

We have a special collection called 'Making things Easy to Understand'.  These books are written for people with learning disabilities and cover a range of topics such as exercise, coping with stress, going to hospital, and much more.  Contact us for more details.

Three Steps to escape domestic violence

Leaflets in twelve languages produced by the Home Office.