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Street Cleaning and Cleansing

Cleanest Streets

The Council keeps roads, pavements, public car parks and shopping areas clean of litter, debris and larger items of rubbish that have been dumped.  Key service areas include:

  • Responding to flooding on the highway

  • Litter control

  • Dog fouling

  • Mechanical carriageway sweeping

  • Mechanical precinct and footway sweeping

  • Removal and disposal of dead animals

Dog Bins

The Council has installed a number of dog bins throughout the Borough to encourage owners to clear up after their dogs.  Please use our online Street Cleansing Report Form to report any problems or to request a new dog bin.


The Council removes accumulations of flytipping ranging from bagged waste large loose items, e.g. from carpets and suites, to all manner of flytipped waste including trees rubble and tyres.

You can report an incident of flytipping via our street cleansing online Street Cleansing Report Form.

Road Flooding

Exceptional rainfall, a road being in a low lying area, changes in 'run off' from adjacent fields and rivers overflowing, are some situations that can lead to the road flooding or being waterlogged even when drains are in good working order.

We can provide guidance on who to contact for various types of road flooding.

Public Conveniences

The Council is working towards rationalising and improving its toilet provision.  If you need to report an issue with public toilet conveniences please use our online form.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area and contributes to people's fear of crime.  Any graffiti on Council owned property will be removed by the Council.  To report an graffiti please use our Street Cleansing Report Form.

Spillage on Roads

Spillage on roads is a nuisance and needs to be cleared up.  If you see a incident of spillage on the highway that could cause a hazard, or you have been involved in a commercial spillage please report it using our online form.