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Site Inspections

There are various stages throughout the building process when you will need to ask the Council to carry out inspections before covering up stages of work. This is applicable to both Full Plans and Building Notice routes and is a legal requirement. The stages are listed below.

Stages of work and periods of notification

   Stages of Work  Notice Required
Commencement of Work 48 hours
2 Excavations and Foundations 24 hours
3 Concrete Foundation Laid 24 hours
4 Oversite Concrete 24 hours
5 Damp Proof Course 24 hours
6 Drains ready for Inspection 24 hours
7 Drains covered, completion of building work not more than 5 days afterwards
8 Completion of works not more than 5 days afterwards


It is normal practice at Dudley for commencement of work to be notified in writing. Other statutory inspections must be notified by phone, or in writing to be received by this office before 4.00pm one working day before the inspection is required.

Notification of commencement to be given at least 48 hours in advance. Notification of inspections 2 - 5(a) 6, 7 & 8 to be given at least 24 hours in advance. Numbers 5(b) and 9 to be given not later than 5 days after the event. In calculating the number of days due, allowance must be made for weekends and Public Holidays, or day appointed for public Thanksgiving or mourning.

Notice Submitted under Building Regulation 16 is available from the Directorate of the Urban Environment at the address below. 

Completion Certificate

Once the work is successfully completed the Council will issue you with a Completion Certificate provided that a request was made at the time of submitting the application.

Regulation 17(4) - A certificate given in accordance with this regulation shall be evidence (but not conclusive evidence) that the requirements specified in the certificate have been complied with.

How to book a site inspection

Please use our online Request a Site Inspection form to make a request for a site visit.

All visit requests should be submitted by 4:00pm on the working day before the required day of inspection.

Please note that submission of this form does not constitute confirmation that an inspection will be possible on the requested date and does not give specific times.

Alternatively please contact us using the details below.

If I am not satisfied with the service I have received from the Council, how do I complain?

If you feel we have failed to provide you with good service or are concerned about the progress of your inspection, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve any concerns you may have. We also have a formal complaints procedure.


Contact Details

  • Name Planning Help Desk
  • Address Building Control, Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Place, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1HL
  • Telephone 01384 814136
  • Fax 01384 814126