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Dudley Borough Development Strategy

Consultation on Pre-Publication Modifications

The Dudley Borough Development Strategy builds on the work carried out for the Black Country Core Strategy which was adopted in 2011. The Black Country Core Strategy identified several Regeneration Corridors within the Borough linking the four main town centres. These centres and corridors contain the majority of areas where growth will be concentrated over the plan period (up to 2026).

In 2014, Dudley Council consulted on a draft version (Preferred Options) of the Dudley Borough Development Strategy setting out borough-specific planning policies to guide development decisions and planning approvals as well as providing draft site specific allocations primarily for housing and employment uses up to 2026.

Representations were received from nearly 60 different organizations, businesses and members of the public raising over 200 different issues. Following careful consideration of each issue, a number of changes are being proposed to some of the policies and site allocations as a result.

Some of the proposed changes to policies are minor wording changes which do not affect the emphasis of those particular policies and will be incorporated into the final (Publication) version of the document. However other policy changes as well as changes to particular site allocations are viewed as major changes which have prompted the need for additional consultation prior to the final version being completed.

Following approval from Dudley Council Cabinet, the changes are set out in a Pre-Publication Modifications document which is now out for consultation for 6 weeks commencing from Wednesday 23rd September 2015 to Wednesday 4th November 2015. The document is accompanied by an Appendix which lists the representations received by the Council at the Preferred Options stage and the Council’s response which includes both the proposed major changes and many of the minor changes to be made. 
During the consultation period, a copy of the Pre-Publication Modifications document and appendix is available in all Dudley Council Main Libraries, 4 Ednam Road Reception and Dudley Council Plus as well as being available to download below. The original Preferred Options policies document from 2014 is also below so that the proposed wording changes can be compared.

Any representations made following the consultation period will be incorporated, if deemed appropriate, into the final version of the plan. We would encourage the submission of electronic representations wherever possible. You can respond to this consultation at:

Email: localplan@dudley.gov.uk

Post: Strategic Planning Team, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, 4 Ednam Road, West Midlands, DY1 1HL.

  • pdf
  • Dudley Development Strategy - Policies - July 2014 [pdf / 497KB] This Document, which will be known as The Dudley Borough Development Strategy (BDS), will guide development within the Borough until 2026. It will do this by providing allocations and local planning policies to guide development and give greater certainty to the development process.

Contact Details

  • Name Planning Help Desk
  • Address Strategic Planning and Historic Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Place, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1HL
  • Telephone 01384 814136