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Planning Briefs

Broadfield House Glass Museum

A Planning Brief is a document which summarises the Planning Authority's guidelines and requirements for the development of a particular site or collection of sites. A Planning Brief is generally produced for sites of a significant size or for particularly sensitive sites which require more detailed guidance.

Planning briefs aim to assist in the redevelopment of sites by acting as a 'stepping stone' between the matters that will need to be addressed in any application for planning permission and the regional and local policies contained in the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), and the Local Development Framework (LDF).

Where appropriate, a planning brief will interpret and develop detail in respect of the site that is too specific for the UDP policies. It does not repeat or alter policies in the plan, and if there are any differences of application, these are specifically noted. The brief may also discuss alternative land uses that may be appropriate, any restrictions that apply to the site, and any other issues of importance.

It is anticipated that in setting down and consulting on this advice, it will provide consistent, quality guidance to developers, and thus improve the planning process and the efficiency of any subsequent planning application, and the quality of the final development at the planning brief site

In Dudley, the Brief could contain information on:

  • Council Planning Policies and Supplementary Guidance

  • National Planning Policy and Advice

  • Suitable Uses

  • Tenure and Phasing

  • Design and Layout

  • Suitable Boundaries

  • Security and Privacy

  • Roads and Transport

  • Pedestrian Access and Rights of Way

  • Archaeological Features

  • Landscaping and Open Space

  • Water and Drainage and other services

Adopted Planning Briefs in Dudley

Planning Brief  Date Approved
Claughton Development Brief (now Yorks Park) October 2002 

Huntingdon Gardens Development Brief

4th February 2002

Stewarts Road Development Brief

4th November 2002

Wrens Nest Road, Dudley, Development Brief

2nd July 2001
Wordsley and Ridge Hill Hospital Sites  

Contact Details

  • Name Planning Help Desk
  • Address Strategic Planning and Historic Environment, Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Place, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, West Midlands, DY1 1HL
  • Telephone 01384 814136