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Unitary Development Plan, First Deposit (2000) - Summary

Centres & Retail - General Policies
One of the Borough's greatest assets is its network of diverse town and local centres, each with its own distinctive character and range of attractions. Over the last 20 years many of these centres have had to respond to far reaching changes in peoples lifestyles and new and evolving patterns of shopping, accessibility and investment. The development of Merry Hill Shopping Centre and the Waterfront Business and Leisure complex has created a new focus for shopping, leisure and commercial activity in this Borough.
Overcoming the problems that have resulted for the traditional town centres, and promoting long-term regeneration is a major objective of the UDP. In order to help prepare policies for the protection and planned redevelopment of the town centres, a study was carried out by expert consultants on the need for new shopping development up to 2006 and its most suitable location.
  • CR1   HIERARCHY OF TOWN CENTRES. This defines the sub-regional town centre of Brierley Hill; the main Borough town centres of Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge; the district shopping centres of Kingswinford, Lye and Sedgley; and the local shopping centres.
  • CR2   LOCAL SHOPPING AREAS. These will be protected and proposals for new development will only be allowed under certain circumstances.
  • CR3   PROTECTED FRONTAGES. These are defined on the Proposals Map and retail use will be supported and protected. Changes to other uses will only be considered favourably where they meet criteria listed in the policy.
  • CR4   REGENERATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF CENTRES. In order to provide a focus for new investment and maintain compact and attractive shopping areas, retail activity should be concentrated in and immediately adjacent to the retail core areas of both Brierley Hill and the main town centres. Beyond this, a greatly increased mixture of uses will be encouraged.
With regard to new retail development and in line with the Dudley Retail Study, the following policies set out the extent and preferred location of shopping floorspace up to 2006.
  • CR5   COMPARISON GOODS. A Borough-wide requirement for 50,000sq.m (gross) is identified. 38,000sq.m are proposed for Brierley Hill and 12,000 sq.m for the retail core areas of Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge.
  • CR6   BULKY COMPARISON GOODS. A need of 11,000-16,000sq.m is identified and the following major opportunity sites are identified: King Street/Flood Street, Dudley; Earls Way, Halesowen; St John's Ring Road/Birmingham Street, Stourbridge.
  • CR7   LARGE FOODSTORES. These should be located within retail core areas and two specific sites have been identified: King Street/Flood Street, Dudley; and St John's Ring Road/Birmingham Street, Stourbridge.
  • CR8   EDGE-OF-CENTRE AND OUT-OF-CENTRE DEVELOPMENT. This will only be allowed in special circumstances as set out in this policy.
  • CR9   CONDITIONS ON MAJOR RETAIL DEVELOPMENT. This is to enable restrictions to be imposed on the range of goods sold and the size of retail units.
  • CR10   CAR SALES AND SERVICE CENTRES. These will only be permitted under specific circumstances.
  • CR11   RETAIL (A3) USES AND AMUSEMENT ARCADES. Permission for hot food takeaway shops, restaurants etc., will be granted unless there is an adverse impact on amenity, safety or the environment.
  • CR12   CAR PARKING IN TOWN CENTRES. Suitably located, attractive and convenient short stay car parking will be encouraged. A comprehensive car parking strategy for the town centres will be prepared as supplementary planning guidance.
  • CR13   RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT IN TOWN CENTRES. This will be supported as an important contribution to the viability and vitality of town centres.

These early documents relate to the preparation of the Dudley Unitary Development Plan and chart the stages and position of policy in the Plan at each stage of the review. They are intended for reference only and the content does not necessarily reflect the current state of play.