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Unitary Development Plan, First Deposit (2000) - Summary

Halesowen Town Centre
Halesowen Town Centre
Halesowen Town Centre Policies
The Council's vision for Halesowen is as a town providing a focus for shopping and a broad range of other uses serving the community such as jobs, housing, leisure, entertainment and health facilities.
The Development Framework has identified 8 distinct areas of the town: High Street; Riverside; Dudley Road/Whitehall Road; Highfields; Summer Hill; Tenterfields; St John’s and Earls.
  • A traffic management scheme will be devised along Queensway between Townsend Island and the bus station.
  • Routes, which provide access to the town centre by foot, will be enhanced.
  • The 'bus showcase' initiative will be supported in the town centre.
  • Proposals for expansion of the bus station will be supported.
  • Car parking will be covered by a comprehensive parking strategy for town centres.
  • A new civic square will be encouraged at the junction of Hagley Street, High Street and Great Cornbow.
  • Green spaces will be protected and enhanced at Rumbow and Whitefriars; Walton Campus; Highfields Park and St John's Churchyard.
HTC2   STREET BLOCKS (i – xii)
The town centre is divided into blocks with design and land use requirements set out. Proposals include the following:
  • The enhancement of, and provision of, accesses along the River Stour.
  • The contribution of 180 dwellings to the Borough's housing target within the UDP.
  • Redevelopment proposals in Birmingham Street with preferred uses including leisure, commercial and residential.
  • The identification of a site in Earl's Way as being suitable for bulky goods with the need for some road re-alignment to accommodate this.
  • Redevelopment of the Walton Campus for housing purposes. Development proposals should respect the open character of the site and ensure the availability of a football pitch within the area.

These early documents relate to the preparation of the Dudley Unitary Development Plan and chart the stages and position of policy in the Plan at each stage of the review. They are intended for reference only and the content does not necessarily reflect the current state of play.