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Fee Summary
Agricultural Buildings - All others
Fee Type
Planning Application
Fee Information
Erection, on land used for the purposes of agriculture, of buildings to be used for agricultural purposes (other than buildings coming within category 4). The fees are on a sliding scale dependant on the area of gross floor space to be created by the development.
Further Information
Not subject to VAT
Credit Card Charges
Please note that a credit card charge of 1.2% will be added to your payment if you use a credit card.
Current Fee
<465 sqm £80 >465 sqm - 540sqm = £385. 540 sqm -4215 sqm = £385 for first 540sqm plus £385 for each 75sqm (or part thereof) >4,215 sqm £19,049 plus £115 per 75 sqm (or part thereof) up to a maximum of £250,000