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Important Changes to Council Tax and Housing Benefit

Latest news on Housing Benefit - For information only

You may have heard lots in the news recently about Government plans to change the rules on how your benefit is calculated. A lot of the things being talked about are now about to be implemented.

These changes are likely to mean that the amount of Housing Benefit you get will reduce if one or both of the following apply:

  • You have other adults living with you who are not your partner (these are sometimes referred to as non dependants) and/or
  • You rent your home

To help you better understand these changes, you can read our information below. 

Extra allowance if you need a carer to live in with you

This change was introduced from 1 April 2011.

This change is to help disabled people who have a carer who stays overnight but who doesn’t normally live with them. The change means that your Housing Benefit will take into account the cost of an additional bedroom providing you rent a property which has a bedroom for your carer. 

If you think this might apply to you, then please contact us on 0300 555 8100.

Single Room Rent Changes

From January 2012 all claimants who are single, living in privately rented accommodation and aged under 35 will have had their Housing Benefit capped at the rate which applies to someone renting a room with all other facilities shared. This is irrespective of the accommodation occupied.

Increase in 'non-dependant deductions'

Your benefit entitlement may change if you have other adults (apart from your partner) living with you.

Deductions can be made from the amount of benefit you get if you share your home with any adults who are not dependant on you - for example, adult children, relatives or friends. These deductions are made because it is assumed that these people should pay something towards your rent, whether they actually do so or not. If you are in this position you may already be aware that these are called non dependant deductions.

Currently, people on local housing allowance/housing benefit lose a proportion of their benefit, ranging from £14.55 a week to £93.80 a week if they have non-dependents living in their home.

For Council Tax Reduction applicants lose a proportion of their benefit ranging from £3.74 a week, up to £11.36 a week.

The amount deducted from the claimant’s award is based on the weekly gross income of the non dependant.

The following table non dependant charges for 2015 shows the revised deductions and how your benefit could be affected.

If you are affected by this change you will have to ask the other adults in your home to increase the money they give you or you will have to make up the shortfall from your own income.

Non dependent deductions - Housing Benefit

 Week Rates


Aged under 25 and on IS or JSA(IB) or ESA(IR) which does not include an amount for the support component or work-related activity component


Aged 25 or over and on IS or JSA(IB), or aged 18 or over and not in remunerative work


In receipt of main phase ESA(IR)


In receipt of Pension Credit


Aged 18 or over and in remunerative work  

 - Gross income less than £129


 - Gross income not less than £129 but less than £189


 - Gross income not less than £189 but less than £246


 - Gross income not less than £246 but less than £328


 - Gross income not less than £328 but less than £408


 - Gross income not less than £408



Non dependent deductions - Council Tax Reduction

 Week Rates


Under 25 on IS,JSA(IB), ESA(IR) and people in receipt of Pension Credit


Aged 25 and over in receipt of IS and JSA(IB), in receipt of main phase ESA(IR), aged 18 or over, not in remunerative work


Gross income less than £189


Gross income not less than £189 but less than £328


Gross income not less than £328 but less than £408


Gross income not less than £408