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What is Council Tax?

Council Tax helps to pay for Council services including education and social services, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner and Fire & Civil Defence. The Council receives money from the Government and income from Business Rates, although this is not enough to cover the whole cost of Council services. The difference is made up by the Council Tax. 

Council Tax is payable on occupied and unoccupied domestic properties - there are a few exemptions. 

Your property, be it a house, bungalow, flat, maisonette, mobile home or houseboat, has been placed into one of eight valuation bands by the Listing Officer of the Valuation Office according to its value at 1st April 1991:

Council Tax Bands by Valuation Band

Valuation Band

Valuation Range (£)  Council Tax 2018/19


0 - 40,000



40,001 - 52,000



52,001 - 68,000



68,001 - 88,000



88,001 - 120,000



120,001 - 160,000



160,001 - 320,000



more than 320,000



The band that applies to your property is shown on your bill.

Appeals concerning your banding should be made to the Listing Officer (not the Council) at:

  • Valuation Office Agency, Overline House, Central Station, Blechynden Terrace, Southampton, SO15 1GW


  • Telephone 03000 501 501

You may appeal about your banding if:

  • You have been liable for your property for less than 6 months and can demonstrate that its value at 1st April 1991 would have been such that it should be in a different band
  • You believe that your property's value has altered enough to merit an alteration in band, e.g. as a result of a change in the physical state of the area or the demolition/conversion of part of the property.

Please remember that all council tax valuations are based on April 1991 values; general changes in the level of house prices since then are not grounds for appeal. More detailed information is available from the Listing Officer at the above address.

Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of council tax. If your appeal is successful, you will be credited with the amount of any overpaid tax