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The Community Vision

Community Vision

Proud of our past...

As the historic capital of the Black Country, Dudley borough and its people have a past to be proud of.

Dudley’s first historical record was in the Domesday Book of 1086, but our position as the historic capital of the Black Country was set some 470 million years ago. The geological landscape of the area ensured Dudley borough always held the raw materials for greatness.

The natural environment, together with the innovation and honest, hard working graft of its people put Dudley borough at the heart of the global industrial revolution as England became the engine room of the world.

Celebrating our place as the historic capital of the Black Country

The borough is made up of numerous towns and villages which come together to create the unique identity of Dudley borough. The pride and passion people have in their area is evident through the annual Black Country Festival celebrations which started in the borough. The Black Country flag is now flown on public buildings, homes, businesses and vehicles throughout Dudley borough to act as a symbol of unity and pride.

Our strong, diverse communities expressing this pride of place, provides the foundation to forge a

future we can be equally proud of.


Forging our future...

Today, Dudley borough is home to 318,000 people and we want to ensure our diverse communities are well connected and everyone enjoys active and rewarding lives.

Benefits of the borough include good schools and colleges, low crime levels and the lowest council tax rates in the West Midlands and some of the lowest in the country.

The natural landscape which formed the foundation of Dudley’s glorious past is now the cornerstone of a booming tourism industry, celebrating the rich history in the form of the Black Country Living Museum, Dudley Zoological Gardens and the Red House Glass Cone. Popular parks and green spaces are also in abundance across the borough, including Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve.

The innovative, hard working culture is alive in the borough today. It is home to 11,000 businesses with a workforce of over 141,000 people contributing almost £5 billion to the wider West Midlands economy. With 1,000 new homes planned each year, 7,000 new jobs set to be created through the borough’s Business & Innovation Enterprise Zone and tourism visits at an all-time high, the raw materials are again in place to make Dudley great.

Throughout our history and into the future, our people are our biggest asset and we continue to benefit from a thriving community and voluntary sector. With our culture of hard work, humour and humility we want people of all backgrounds to come together to set a vision for the future of Dudley borough which lives up to our proud past.


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