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The Council Vision

Dudley Council is committed to making sure that local people get the best possible quality public services and are given every opportunity to realise their potential. We recognise and value the diversity of backgrounds, skills and needs within the borough and work hard to respond to these. We aim to serve the people of Dudley Borough fairly and efficiently so we can improve the quality of life for everyone.

As Dudley Council, we will:

· Listen to what local people say

· Respond to what local people tell us

· Be accountable for our performance

· Provide value for money

There are six key themes, which meet the aspirations of the Council’s overall vision ‘Local People Matter’. It clearly sets out the key priorities, objectives and targets for each theme and it's local impact.

Council Themes:

· Caring Matters

· Environment Matters

· Learning Matters

· Regeneration Matters

· Safety Matters

· Quality Service Matters

Council Plan