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Evacuation Alert System for Emergencies (EASE)

It is imperative in order to save life and injury that any evacuation is done in the most timely way.

In order to assist the Police in either giving advice or facilitating the evacuation of a Town Centre the Council has set up a  FREE Text Messaging Service.

This service, which can be instigated by sending a message direct to business owners and managers within town centres, can be requested by the police once an emergency situation emerges. The police will make immediate contact with the councils' Emergency Planning Team to get the Text Message sent to all businesses, who have registered with the system.

Once transmitted the business owner/manager will have advance notice to inform both staff and customers of the situation and to evacuate the premise, or give other advice as received.

It will therefore ensure the safety of all those within busy town centres at the time of an emergency.

All businesses are encouraged by both the Police and the Council to sign up to this FREE scheme

To sign up to the scheme simply phone us on 01384 811552, or fax 01384 814865, alternatively you can email disaster.mgt@dudley.gov.uk.