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Beat the heat

Enjoy the sun
Heatwave advice

Who is at risk and what to do in case of a heatwave.

Whilst most of us enjoy sunny weather, the extreme heat of a heatwave can be seriously damaging to the health, and can sometimes be fatal. The link below provides information about who is at risk during a heatwave, and advice about what to do in case of a heatwave. 

Whilst extreme heat is dangerous to everyone it is especially so to babies and young children, older people, those living in care homes, and those in certain at-risk groups.

Specific advice for Ramadan is available at the link above on page 32 of the Heatwave Plan for England.


Please see 'Beat the heat' information and advice below.

Remember heatstroke can kill. It can develop rapidly and suddenly lead to unconsciousness. If you suspect someone has heatstroke call 999 immediately. 


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