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Guide to get the most from your workout at the Lifestyles Gym

Man lifting weights at the gym

This is a guide on the Technogym system to help you get the most out of your workout in our health and fitness gym. 

Our staff are here to help you

At Lifestyles we pride ourselves on the fact that we have a great team of gym staff, who are enthusiastic, motivational and enjoy helping you achieve your goals. Remember they are always on hand and willing to give you advice, or answer any queries you may have about our gym or fitness in general.  

On going support

We appreciate that the first step to improving your fitness can often be the hardest, but maintaining that initial enthusiasm can be difficult, so we offer regular reviews including programme revaluation and computer printouts of your progress and improvement.

Why do we use the wellness system?

Lifestyles use Technogym, a company that is currently one of the leading suppliers of cardiovascular and resistance equipment in the UK. Using state-of-art technology called the 'Wellness System', working out is made more satisfying and fun! It allows you, the user, to view your progress even before you can notice the changes to your body. By enabling you to achieve your personal goals, you will be motivated to visit our gym time and time again!

Personalise your workout using the Wellness System

Lifestyles wanted to provide its customers with a gym experience that was unique. The system is so user friendly that it will tell you:

  • how many sets and repetitions you should do
  • what weight to select, and
  • what seat number to have. 


When you start lifting it will tell you your range of motion i.e

  • how far back you should go
  • how far forward you should go, and
  • the suggested speed. 


It tells you when to start, when to stop and what your next exercise is. It even sets limits, so that if you suffer physical difficulties, you won't overtax yourselves!

Much of the information is gathered automatically whilst you work out so there is no need to remember how many repetitions you did on the last machine! 

Individual exercise programmes just for you

The Wellness System allows our gym staff to design an individual exercise programme just for you! On entering the gym, your key should be inserted into the Wellness Expert. This will allow you to review your workout plans, check for messages and update workout information. If you wish, you can view brief instructive videos demonstrating exercise equipment, proper stretching techniques and floor exercises.

How to use the system

To start your programme, insert the key into your choice of exercise machine, which will automatically set-up, adjusting the distance, speed, and workload depending on the programme you have selected.  

On finishing your time in the gym, you should again insert your key into the Wellness Expert. This saves your current workout on your file and allows you to view your past workouts in the form of charts and graphs. You can even compare your distance to an imaginary Tour de France course or the New York Marathon! Reports can show how many calories have been burned, distance covered, weight lifted, intensity, duration and volume of workouts. Biometric information, such as blood pressure and cholesterol levels, can also be recorded. Up to 365 different workout sessions can be recorded on your key!

These can then be printed out for you to keep. By using the fitness assessments, you can compare your progress over time i.e. month to month.

Facilities within the gyms

Our gyms are fully air-conditioned for your comfort and complete with state of the art TV and Audio systems.

The Key System

An individual data key programmed by one of our qualified members of staff provides you with your optimum workload and resistance level for every workout.


Wellness System Data Key

The Wellness System 

Easy to use: The Wellness System Key simplifies every aspect of your experience. You insert your Key into each piece of equipment, which then starts automatically, and follow the instructions displayed.

Increased Motivation: With a clearly defined routine to follow, and constant feedback on your progress, you feel more motivated to continue until you reach your goals.

Personalised Experience: The system provides you with an individual fitness assessment, which provides the starting point for creating your personalised workout programme. Each workout is then monitored, in order that both you and our staff can see how well you are doing, and make any necessary changes. 

100% Data Collection: The Wellness System Key can be used throughout Lifestyles Gyms and uses wireless technology to both gather and communicate data related to every activity – from the moment you enter Lifestyles Gyms till the moment you leave.  

Fully programmable: Programmable centrally or by trainers at their own workstations, the Wellness System can provide you with a customised programme to follow. 

By inserting your Data Key into the key reader 

  • you can access your training programme information.
  • view any messages from your instructors. 
  • You can also update their own training results.
  • Use interactive interface between system and user. View video clips of correct exercise techniques available for all equipment.
  • Use the easy-to-use, interactive touch-screen.
  • Download results at the end of workout section: calories burned, distance covered, weight lifted and other information.
  • View graphics / images to view performance and compare with pre-set goals
  • Measure personal data: weight, body fat, blood pressure, etc.


Contact Details

  • Name Membership Advisor, Sport & Leisure Services
  • Address Crystal Leisure Centre, Bell Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1AE
  • Telephone 01384 812924