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Technical Information for Brierley Hill Civic Hall

Sound Equipment/Systems

Performance System


Allan and Heath GL3 18:4:2 mixer
(Operated from the control room at the rear of the balcony)

Speakers Shermann Cub (main & delays) 2 Pairs
Bose 101 (balcony delays) 2 Pairs
H & H (foldback) 1 Pair
Amplification Work SP950 (main) 2
Labgruppen (balcony) 1
H & H HPA300 (foldback) 1
Ancillary Equipment Klark Teknik DN716 delay (1)
Yamaha YDG 2030 graphic (1)
Yamaha SPX 900 effects (1)
Cassette decks (2)
Compact disc(1)
Mini disc player (1)
Yamaha 12:2 mixer (1)
Microphones - Beyer M300N (6), Shure SM58 (4) AKG SE300/CK98 (4),
Sennheiser K3u / MKE2 (6). Sennheiser handheld and TOA lavalier radio microphones (advance notice is required for radio microphones).
D.I. box (1)
Assorted microphone stands
Note There is also an Areac custom built sound system installed in the venue, this is completely contained in 2 boxes which contain the mixer and all amplifier modules for the main hall PA, foldback, show relay, paging and headset communications. It is all hard wired. This runs all the communications (headsets, show relay and paging)
Headset Communications Areac custom built system with a master volume control, (i.e. no individual control).
Beyer DT108 and DT109 headsets
Show Relay Areac custom built system to the dressing rooms, green room, foyer and bar areas.
Paging There is a paging system to various parts of the building installed, the paging positions are the box office (located in the foyer) and the control room.
Systems for the Hearing Impaired
  There is a Sennheiser Infra-red system installed in the main auditorium for the hearing impaired, we have a number of neck-loop and stetoclip receivers that are available for loan by patrons.
Stage Lighting
Power Supply (to stage lighting) 3 Phase 160 amps per phase
Dimmers 2 Strand Permus 24 racks (24 @2.5Kw circuits)
Patch There is a patching facility available for some of the circuits at Brierley Hill, the two area that can be patched are the front of house bar and the on stage bars, the two patch bays are located in two different locations so that cross phasing can not occur. No alteration to the patching is allowed without prior discussion.
Control Strand MX48 (Operated from the control room at the rear of the balcony)
Lanterns (These are all rigged)

Harmony 15/28 20
Harmony 22/40 6
Harmony F 19
PAR 64 12
Coda 3 5

Patt 765 CSI follow spots (1)

Additional Power Supplies Available
  There are three single-phase 63amp CEE Form socket outlets available on stage, (stage right, one on each phase), in addition there is a 3 phase 63amp supply fitted with a CEE Form 63amp socket outlet, again stage right.

Note- All supplies have 30mA RCD protection.

Stage Facilities

The stage is raked; it is surfaced with a varnished wood block covering.

Proscenium opening - 9.57m x 4.8m,
Maximum stage depth - 7.11m
Stage height - 1.2m
Grid height - Downstage 10.76m, Upstage 10.59m
Wings maximum - 2m

Drapes/Masking The masking legs and borders are black. There are also a pair of black tabs just downstage of the white cyclorama.
The house tabs (electrically operated from stage left) and house border are wine red in colour as are the auditorium drapes.
Flying Facilities There is hemp flying from a gallery stage left, there are a total of 12 hemp sets in place, each has a maximum working load of 150kg each.

Contact Details

  • Name Brierley Hill Civic Hall
  • Address Bank Street, Brierley Hill, West Midlands, DY5 3DH
  • Telephone Bookings: 01384 815577, Civic Hall: 01384 812730
  • Fax Minicom: 01384 815273 (8.00am to 5.00pm)
  • Opening Hours Office hours: 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Please note that the offices are closed at weekends and Bank Holidays