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Collections at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery

The most important collection at Dudley Museum is Geology. There are currently two galleries displaying some of the collection, telling the very important part that Dudley occupies in the story of the discovery of the science of Geology in the United Kingdom.

The museum also holds a large collection of fine art, including oil paintings, watercolours, engravings and prints, which are rotated in and out of display. Among these are works by local artist Percy Shakespeare.

View the Geology Collection Online


Geology Matters is a searchable website which allows users to find information about fossil, mineral and rock specimens held by the museums services within the Black Country and other related material held by the Black Country archive services.

Black Country History provides information about documents, maps, photographs, art works, objects and more held by archives and museums services within the Black Country. Dudley Museums Service are a partner involved in the website and consequently details of the objects held in our collections are available on the site.

Please use Black Country History to discover more about the historic objects and documents cared for by Dudley Museum and Art Gallery.

Further information about the online collections.

Fine Art Collection

Percy Shakespeare - A Mulatto

The Fine Art Collection was started in the 1880’s shortly after the opening of the Art Gallery and has been added to continuously ever since. It numbers nearly two thousand works including 250 oil paintings, 750 drawings and watercolours, 450 old engravings and 350 modern prints.

The Inspired Designs website showcases the decorative art collections cared for by a number of museums in the Black Country. You can use the website to search the collections, browse images or read about articles about related topics. 

Brooke Robinson Room

Geology Collection

The present Geological Collection comprises approximately 15,000 fossil, rock and mineral specimens.

Despite its relatively small size the geological collection contains one of the finest assemblages of local material in existence, matched only by collections at the British Geological Survey, Natural History Museum, London and Birmingham Universities.

The Brooke Robinson Museum

The Museum contains a miscellaneous collection of 17th, 18th and 19th century British and European paintings, sculpture, furniture and ceramics, together with oriental ceramics, Japanese netsuke and inro, Bilston enamels, commemorative medals, Greek, Roman and Egyptian pottery and personal memorabilia. 

The Brooke Robinson Collection has been on display since 1981.

Duncan Edwards Collection

The Duncan Edwards & Local Sporting Heroes Gallery currently hosts an exhibition of football memorabilia of Dudley's most famous footballer Duncan Edwards. 

Please see the Duncan Edwards Collection webpage for further information.