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Geology - What We Collect & The Rules


As with every important and well-managed collection, there are strict guidelines to what we will collect. This is so that we make best use of the limited space and staff time available and ensure that we are able to provide the best possible standard of care for items that we hold.

With these issues in mind we will only collect material that:

  1. Is given into our ownership (Not loaned or stored with us)

  2. Is collected from our local sites

  3. Is collected from rocks of the same age from other locations

  4. Is collected by local persons reflecting the social aspirations of local collectors

  5. Is collected for the purposes of wider earth science educational importance


Within this framework, preference for acquisition by the museums service (for enhancement of the Dudley collection for the people of Dudley) will be given to specimens that:

  1. Have very good records of provenance, location, stratum, date etc

  2. Relate to sites that are no longer available within the Black Country area

  3. Are associated with key individuals or organisations within the Black Country area

  4. Have a clear and immediate educational use


Standard Disclaimer

Spider on Trilobite
Spider on Trilobite

The Museum service, in accepting a donation of geological specimens, reserves the right to dispose of unsuitable material in a manner that it sees fit and in accordance with good museums practice. This means offering material to museums in the area from which the material originates, or schools/academic institutions or bodies associated with education or back to the donor. Only in the very last instance will material be disposed of.