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Miscellaneous Collections

Archaeology - Arrowhead
Archaeology - Arrowhead
These comprise social history, coins and trade tokens, costume and a collection of birds eggs. All are owned by Dudley Council with the exception of the Duncan Edwards Collection which is on long-term loan.
The Social History Collection is, almost entirely, the gift of the Fiddian Family of Stourbridge and was acquired in the mid 1970’s when the respective roles of Dudley Museum & Art Gallery and the Black Country Museum in dealing with social history was still unclear. It is a mixed collection ranging from children’s clothes, toys and household articles to books, magazines, posters, guide-books, programmes and postcards. The collection contains both local and non-local material including personal memorabilia relating to the Fiddian family. A handful of items from other sources were added to the collection shortly after the initial gift was made.
The Coin Collection numbers 500 items including 337 foreign and British coins, 144 Roman and 19 coins that have been dug up locally from Himley Hall and Dudley Priory. There is also a collection of 17th, 18th and 19th century trade tokens, numbering 117, around half of which relate to Birmingham and the Black Country.
The Costume Collection contains about 40 items from the 19th and 20th centuries, including suits, dresses, uniforms and a mayoral robe.
The Birds’ Egg Collection numbers approximately 600 eggs, notably golden eagle and osprey, with many duplicates.
The Archaeology Collection comprises 28 objects, mainly British, including flint arrowheads, porcellanite and bronze arrowheads and Egyptian artefacts.