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Back to the Future

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Jubilee Plate

18 August 2012 to 27 January 2013

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of glassmaking in the Stourbridge area and the International Festival of Glass 2012, this exhibition seeks to explore the world renowned glass collections and archives in Dudley Borough.

It will show how inspiring these collections are to contemporary West Midlands glassmakers / designers. 

West Midlands glass artists have been invited to apply to take part. They have supplied images of their previous work for quality control and have been chosen through the selection process to display an item from the collection for their inspiration. The glass artists were allowed to pick anything in the collection for their inspiration.  Items that were selected as inspiration will be exhibited alongside the artists new work and also existing displays or features.

Two of the artists chosen are working as part of a collaboration from outside of the region and are eligible to display their items as they meet the criteria in belonging to a collaboration.

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Chameleon dish by Walter
Chameleon dish by Walter

West Midlands Glass Artists

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Cameo glass
Venus rising from the waves