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Cutting Edge: Contemporary Hungarian Glass

After its display at the renowned Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Broadfield House Glass Museum will be hosting this exhibition from the 9th May 2015. We are very fortunate this touring exhibition is making a detour to Broadfield House. Attila Sik and Zsuzsa Molnar of Prisma Gallery, Birmingham, have assembled an eclectic array of pieces from seventeen artists whose only similarity is their love of glass.

The glass sculpture Black Hole by György Gáspár
Black Hole by György Gáspár


Cutting Edge

The phrase 'cutting edge' understates the drama of these pieces. Many of them are fresh from the lehr and show how glass can be manipulated to give flesh to artistic imagination. The viewer will be in awe of their manufacturing skills as much as their artistic vision.    

A sculpture by Hungarian artist Peter Borkovics
East Philosophy by Péter Borkovics


Contributing artists:  

Zoltan Bohus

Peter Borkovics

Peter Botos

Istvan Czebe

Judit Furi

Gyorgy Gaspar

Laszlo Hefter

Zsuzsanna Korodi

Maria Lugossy


Synk 1
Synk 1 by Dora Varga



The contents of the exhibition clearly state that Hungary is home to some of Europe's leading glassmakers. This will be Broadfield's first exhibition highlighting Hungarian creativity, but we hope it will not be the last. Based upon what it contains, we are keen to see what more Hungary has to offer.

Arches by Zoltan Bohus
Arches by Zoltan Bohus


Contributing artists:

Laszlo Lukacsi

Mihaly Melcher

Balazs Sipos

Agnes Smetana

Margit Toth

Dora Varga

Zsuzsa Vida

Hajnalka Virag


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