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The Doodle Challenge @BHGM

In a project created and led by Allister Malcolm, the British Glass Foundation has taken the highly satisfying art of doodling and turned it into incredible examples of glass art. When asked to contribute doodles, celebrities from far and wide were more than willing to do so. Added to this were the doodles of three competition winners from local schools. Each doodle was matched to individuals or teams of renowned glass working artists who interpreted the design and reproduced it in glass. 

doodle by Andy McConnell in support of the BGF
Andy McConnell's doodle


Doodles and the BGF

The British Glass Foundation is a great supporter of contemporary glass creativity and the heritage of glass making. In their own words they have "a clear vision to promote the beauty of glass". Fundraising is a considerable part of their ambitions and they have devised interesting and unique projects to do so. In this tradition, Allister Malcolm devised and led the Doodle Challenge.

It is a simple yet striking concept in which a doodle is turned into a stunning piece of glass art. When it is completed the piece is then auctioned to raise funds.

Doodle by Tony Hadley in support of the BGF
Tony Hadley's doodle


Competition Doodles

In a competition open to all children aged 7 to 13 years, doodles inspired by one of the following themes were requested:

  • My day/what I love to do

  • Nasty Nature/Doodle Monster

  • My favourite month

The quantity and imagination of the responses was impressive. From all those submitted only 3 could win, one for each age category. All 3 were also turned into glass art for auction. 

Doodle created by EmmaThompson in support of the BGF
Emma Thompson's doodle


Celebrity Doodles

But how do you raise public interest? There are two stands to this project. In one strand, various celebrities were contacted and asked to contribute a doodle. They were given a 15x21cm sheet of perspex to do with as they pleased. The response was impressive. From Emma Thompson to Lenny Henry, from Robert Plant to Raymond Blanc, 15 doodles were returned. It is an eclectic mix with a Viking longboat, kites, self portraits, root vegetables, and encouraging words to describe a few.

The second strand fulfilled the BGF's ambitions to increase an interest in glass amongst younger generations.

A paperweight reproducing Frankie Valli's doodle for the BGF
Frankie Valli's doodle vase


Doodle Exhibition

All the doodles were turned into glass art, but before they are auctioned they will be exhibited. In what may prove to be the most eclectic exhibition ever staged, BHGM are hosting this unique collection for public viewing. The exhibition closed on the 25th August 2015 and the auction took place on the 24th October 2015.   

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