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Vases by Pavel Hlava copyright Mark Hill
Vases by Pavel Hlava copyright Mark Hill

Hi Sklo Lo Sklo: From Masterpiece to Mass Produced

7 February 2009 - 11 October 2009


From the 1950s onwards Czechoslovakia was a hotbed of modern glass design.  Skilled and experienced designers produced hundreds of colourful and vibrant designs which were exported to the West in their thousands.  Sold as art glass for the home and available on the high street, the designers behind them were rarely named, despite the fact that many are recognised today as masters of 20th century glass design. 






Romana vase by Hana Machovska copyright Mark Hill
Romana vase by Hana Machovska copyright Mark Hill

Today, these vases and bowls typically lie un-attributed and forgotten. This exhibition reveals the names and fascinating stories behind these modern designs. 


Selected from the Graham Cooley Collection, Hi Sklo Lo Sklo considers the themes behind the innovative masterpieces at the high end of the market, but focuses on how these were translated into designs for the mass market.  This exhibition was previously shown during the King’s Lynn Festival in 2008 and is accompanied by a colour catalogue written by Mark Hill.



Romana vase designed by Hana Machovska for Mstisov

Vases designed by Pavel Hlava for Exbor

Both images copyright of www.markhillpublishing.com