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My Work Experience at Broadfield House Glass Museum in Kingswinford

London in glass sculpted by Nadia Lammas
London in Glass by Nadia Lammas

During my time assisting the staff with the numerous duties at the museum, I discovered many interesting objects and designs which were appealing to the eye and incredibly skilfully crafted. Broadfield House is a stunning set with the surroundings to match, and there is no shortage of passion for creation and hard work which is evident in each and every fascinating exhibit on display to the public.

Thomas Webb and Corbett advert for 1899 products
Thomas Webb and Corbett advert
There are various original artefacts in the museum which have been exquisitely preserved for the benefit of the visitors to Broadfield House.
A contribution from Slade's lead guitarist
Dave Hill's Doodle
The Doodle exhibition is a collection of glass objects which were designed by celebrities such as Dave Hill, Lenny Henry and Emma Thompson.
Objects for the exhibition being photographed
Doodle Exhibition Photography
Allister and Simon take professional photographs of all the items in the Doodle exhibition. In October they will be auctioned.
Two figures reaching toward one another in Cameo Vase design
Orange Cameo Vase
I enjoyed being among the imaginative glass exhibits that caught my eye each day of my work experience.

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