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Broadfield House Glass Museum is no longer open 

Petrol pump globes in the Petrol Heads exhibition


On the 30th September 2015, Broadfield House Glass Museum closed its doors for the final time. The closure of the museum is in preparation for the new museum at the White House Cone.  

Broadfield House Glass Museum was open for 35 years, 5 months and 29 days and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, each taking away a unique memory of a rare collection in a special home. To celebrate its legacy we are asking you to share any pictures you may have of the museum.

Using #BHGMemory you can tweet us @Glass_museum or add it to the Broadfield House Glass Museum group on flickr. By sharing your images you agree to DMBC museum service retaining the image and using it in the future.

Princess Michael of Kent opens BHGM, 02/04/1980
Princess Michael of Kent opens BHGM, 02/04/1980


The Museum is now closed 

Broadfield House: A Glass Oasis for 35 Years

This final exhibition provided a retrospective of the museum's history. With objects representing each year of its existence, visitors explored the life of this world famous museum and learnt  what has made it so special to so many people.

5 bulb vases, each holding a plant
A group of bulb vases


The Museum is now closed 

Collectomania! Bulb Vases

A display revealing the fascinating hobby of growing stunning flowers in beautiful glass vases. With a little water and a vase to nurture it, it is possible to grow a bulb and enjoy flowers indoors, all year round. 

Poster for Crystal Skyline: Cities of Glass
Crystal Skyline


The Museum is now closed  

Crystal Skyline: Cities of Glass

This penultimate exhibition took visitors on a tour of imagination through mini cities made from vintage glass. Filled with spires and towers, her sculptures  remind you of places described in fairy tales, legends and science fiction.  

JAM person having a party
JAM party


Juniors At Museums

JAM Club continues to run a programme of activities especially for Juniors at the Red House Glass Clone. For further information please call 01384 812750 or 01384 815575 or click on this link


The Friends of the Glass Museum also held a programme of lectures and events.

To find out about events happening throughout the Dudley borough, visit the Events page at Discover Dudley.