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Broadfield House Glass Museum is now closed

Svartland Vikings visit Broadfield House Glass Museum


On the 30th September 2015, Broadfield House Glass Museum closed its doors for the final time. The closure of the museum is in preparation for the new museum at the White House Cone.  

Broadfield House Glass Museum was open for 35 years, 5 months and 29 days and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors, each taking away a unique memory of a rare collection in a special home. To celebrate its legacy we are asking you to share any pictures you may have of the museum.

Using #BHGMemory you can tweet us @Glass_museum or add it to the Broadfield House Glass Museum group on flickr. By sharing your images you agree to DMBC museum service retaining the image and using it in the future.

Assoted glass items used manufacturing processes


October 2015: Chance Glass Ltd have kindly donated a range of their products. Chance Glass Ltd, Malvern Link, are descendants of Chance Brothers Ltd. There are very few company's in the world that share these production skills.  

WAG excavating a test pit


May 2015: On the 24th & 31st, Wolverhampton Archaeology Group will be digging into Broadfield's past with excavations adjacent to the historic frontage. We are very grateful to these volunteer experts for giving up their time. 

Marble Lady by Elliot Walker, Fiesta by Tim Boswell


May 2015: Thanks to the support of the Friends of Broadfield House Glass Museum, the collections now include these fascinating pieces: Marble Lady by Elliot Walker and Fiesta by Tim Boswell. Both are on display. 

Kari Moodie, Keeper of Glass and Fine Art, explains the importance of the Jules Babe vase on the Antiques Roadshow


April 2015: On the 5th, BBC 1's Antiques Roadshow included our Keeper of Glass and Fine Art. Kari Moodie and a Jules Barbe designed vase, Thomas Webb & Sons c1885, made guest appearances in a segment dedicated to this piece. 


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