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Events and Exhibitions

The Cone hosts an exciting programme of exhibitions and events throughout the year. Exhibitions range from evocative works by local artists to insights into the collections cared for by the Museums Service.

New Beginnings

Stuart & Sons glassmakers decorate glassware with a threading machine, Gentleman's Journal 1902
Operating a threading machine, Red House Glass Cone, 1902
Exhibition to explore the identity of the museums service featuring pieces and stories from the collection.

Scents and Sensibility

OKRA scent bottle by Richard Golding
Perfume bottle by Richard Golding
Monday 21st August-Friday 27 January 2018

Scents and Sensibility

This display of glass perfume bottles explores the history of perfumery and the use of glass as a product to contain and preserve scent. Our sense of smell is so powerful it can be used as a memory stimulant for those suffering with Dementia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Your exhibition

Showcase Gallery Red House Cone
Showcase Gallery Red House Cone
Are you looking for a venue for your exhibition? If so email museums@dudley.gov.uk 
Showcase Gallery Red House Cone 4
Showcase Gallery Red House Cone 4
JAM person having a party

Juniors at Museums and the Learning Service

The Learning Service offers a fun and informative range of workshops for children, families and adults. Follow the links below for details:

Learning Service

Details of workshops and our education programme.

Kiln Fused Glass Workshops

Learn about kiln fusing and make your own jewellery pieces through our taster jewellery, coaster and wall-hanging workshops.

JAM Club 

We run a range of activities for children.

Children's activities at the Cone
Children's activities