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Ball Games in the Parks

Quarry Bank Basketball
Quarry Bank Basketball Courts at Stevens Park

There are many activities going on in the parks and open spaces in the borough throughout the year.

Are ball games like cricket and golf allowed on parks?

Ball games (except golf) are allowed on all parks. Hard ball cricket in small local parks is often a nuisance to neighbours and other park users and should be played on sports parks. Hard ball games should not be played against the fences in parks.

Golf is not allowed in any park other than Himley Hall due to Health and Safety of other park users. Golf should be practised at golf courses or in specified golf driving ranges.


What can I do to stop people playing cricket with a hard ball against my fence, or golf in the park?

Hard ball games are a hazard to other park users and neighbours in small local parks. Please supply the times the games are generally played, details of the identity of persons playing and if it is the same people each time.

Can you put up a sign to stop children playing ball games on an open space?

It is not the policy of the Council to erect new, or replace old “No Ball Games” signs on open space land.  The Council does not have any legal powers to enforce such signs. In most cases open space land was acquired specifically for the purposes of recreation and the playing of ball games is considered to be a recreational activity.

Where such activities result in trespass or damage to property this is a criminal offence and should be reported to the police.

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