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A landfill site can be defined in simple terms as a site used for the disposal of waste materials by burial. However, the nature of historic waste disposal practices in the Dudley borough tends to complicate things a little and it is not always clear what constitutes a landfill site.

Thick fill deposits associated with past industrial activities cover extensive tracts of ground across the borough. These fill deposits, often referred to as ‘made ground’ typically consist of varying proportions of ash, brick, clay, soil, cinder, slag and organic material, specific to a previous use. Historic mapping also reveals a considerable number of pits and quarries, spoil heaps, areas of colliery spoil and infilled ground, and refuse tips within the borough. In some instances waste materials will have been incorporated into the backfill during reinstatement and restoration of areas such as opencast mining sites. It is not uncommon for waste such as ash, clinker and blast furnace slag to have been used during the construction of footpaths and roads. In addition, there are instances where foundry sand or spoil has been used to infill and level ground prior to building works. Wastes may not have been transported to designated landfill sites but disposed of within the confines of the premises producing them instead.

Prior to the 1970s there were few controls on waste disposal activities. The Control of Pollution Act 1974 was introduced to tighten the control and regulation of waste disposal sites and provided the first waste disposal licensing regime.

Landfill Site Register

The council provides access to its database of closed landfill sites. You can select an address and the current mapping for that location is displayed along with the boundary of any landfill site recorded. Then you can view the datasheet associated with any landfill site shown which provides summary information.

Environment Agency Licences

The Environment Agency licences and regulates active and operating landfill sites to ensure that their impact on the environment is minimised. Information about currently active and operating landfill sites in the Dudley borough is available from the Environment Agency.