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Land or Property Ownership Enquiries FAQ

The Council has a computerised system of large scale ordnance survey maps showing the boundaries of land owned by the council. Also shown on the database are details of acquisitions and disposals.

Do you have records of all sites within the borough?

No, we only keep records relating to Council owned land which are based on the deeds that we hold.

How do I establish who owns land and property not in ownership of the council?

You will have to contact the Land Registry at:

Land Registry Citizen Centre,
PO Box 74
GL14 9BB

Telephone: 0300 006 0411

They will make a charge for the information requested.

How long will it take to deal with my enquiry?

Straightforward enquiries can be answered in a few minutes or by a return call. However more complex enquiries may involve the retrieval and study of deeds and documents or the involvement of other Council Officers and Directorates and may take several days or even weeks, depending upon the work involved and its complexity.

What if I want to purchase or lease a piece of council owned property or land?

We have a leaflet which explains the procedure for purchasing Council owned land and other land matters:

How do I establish who is responsible for a specific boundary?

If it is a privately owned property or you have purchased your property from the Council under the right to buy, you will have to refer to your own deeds, your Solicitor or Coventry district land registry.

If it is a council owned property, we may be able to establish responsibility from the documents that we hold within our deeds but we may have to charge you for this information at Fee rate 1.

Can you tell me if a footpath is a public right of way or if land is designated as a public highway?

No, we do not hold information regarding public rights of way or public highway. Enquiries relating to these matters must be referred to the Directorate of the Urban Environment, Highways Division, on 01384 815424.

If I have a problem with a site that I believe is council owned, what do I do?

Please Call Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345 to report the matter.

Can the council value my property on my behalf?

No the Council’s Surveyors carry out valuations for internal purpose only and represent the Councils interests. We recommend that you find your own Property Surveyor to represent you in any land and property transactions. Further information can be found by contacting RICS.

  • Please refer enquiries in the first instance to:

    Land and Premises
    Strategic Asset Management Team
    Corporate Landlord Services
    Place Directorate
    The Council House
    DY1 1HL

    Telephone: 01384 815323