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Local Land Charges Service

A Local Search or Search is a legal report that is used within the conveyancing process for the buying, selling or leasing of properties/land. Its intention is to assist the purchaser/lessee and/or mortgage/loan company to make a decision as to whether or not to invest their money. Local Search is the nickname of Form LLC1 and CON29 together.

This information is refined data, i.e. has been checked/verified etc.

It is made up of the following documents:

Form LLC1

This is also known as the Certificate of Search. It is not a question and answer form, it is a request for a search of the Local Land Charges (LLC) Register. There are 12 parts to the LLC Register.

The LLC Register holds information that runs alongside the property, ie it doesn’t matter who lives there, or how many times the property changes hands. It contains conditions, agreements, restrictions, notices etc that are relevant to the site. Examples of these are Financial Charges, Covenants/conditions contained in a Council House Sale, Repayable Improvement Grants, Tree Preservation Orders, Conditional Planning Applications from 01 August 1977 and Legal Agreements.

Form CON29

This form contains specific questions that the Law Society, with negotiation with Local Authorities and other agencies, deem the most important information held by the Local Authorities.

At Dudley MBC the information to answer this form is held within a number of teams i.e. Highways, Planning, Civil Engineering and Private Sector Housing. The staff search their records to find the information, if any held, to answer the questions. An answer is given to each question even if it is no, none or not applicable. Examples of the sort of questions include Are there any nearby road schemes, Is the road adopted (which means the Local Authority is responsible for its upkeep), Planning history etc.

Form CON29O

This form contains specific optional questions that the Law Society, with negotiation with Local Authorities and other agencies, deem the most important information held by the Local Authorities.

Each question is optional, which means it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to include any of this information in their documentation. To get the answer to one of the questions it is not compulsory to have the whole of the form answered, you just select which of the questions you want by putting a mark in the box adjoining the question.

Examples of the sort of questions include: Is the property within a National Park? Is the property within an enterprise zone? Is the property within a common land site? etc.

Search form combinations

The type of search you do depends on your individual needs, and what information has already been collated. Below is a breakdown of the combinations possible, compiled by the Local Authority.

Form LLC1 only

Form CON29 only

Form CON29O only

Forms LLC1 + CON29

Forms LLC1 + CON29 + CON290

Forms CON29 + CON29O

Forms LLC1 + CON29O

Register only Personal Search

Members of the public, usually agents, come into the Local Authority and interrogate the LLC register and other public records to find the information they need to compile their version of a Local Search. The onus is on the Searcher to ensure they have copied or obtained all relevant information. Data supplied is unrefined. A procedure is available to download.

Other information that may be required

The Local Land Charges Team also supplies copies of Section 33, 106 and 38 agreements. To obtain such a copy the request must be in writing and the admin fee is payable in advance.

Our staff are always happy to help with questions or problems you may have, so please feel free to contact us at the following location.