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Dangerous and wild animals licence conditions

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 is intended to ensure that dangerous wild animals are kept by private individuals only in circumstances which create no risk to the public on the grounds of safety, nuisance or otherwise.

Each application will be treated individually having regard to the conditions laid down in the Act and the particular circumstances.

In many cases the Council will obtain advice from a veterinary practitioner or veterinary surgeon; a zoologist; the police; fire authorities and other competent organisations or individuals; and any expense incurred in so doing will be included in the licence fee. In addition, access for inspection by authorised officers must be available at all reasonable times, and the local authority may require the licensee to pay the costs of such inspections.

The condition of a licence may be varied, added to, or the licence may be revoked, subject of the provisions of the Act.

The fullest possible information must be given regarding the construction of any cages etc., on the safety precautions to protect persons other than the keeper, eg safety barriers etc.

The licence fee in respect of this application will be assessed in relation to the work which will have to be undertaken by the local authority, as the Act is intended to be self supporting. The applicant will be notified of the amount of the fee before final consideration is given to the licence, and it will be necessary for this to be forwarded to the local authority before any decision can be reached. The fee is non-returnable whether or not the licence is issued.

In the event of a licence being granted a number of conditions not mentioned in the application form may be included. These will cover such things as notification of movement of animals, disposal of dead animals, etc.

It may also be necessary to obtain planning permission and/or approval under the building regulations for any structure, enclosure, fence, etc., which may be deemed necessary and no licence will be granted until the appropriate approvals have been obtained.

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