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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

A Vision for Dudley Town Centre

Dudley is a special place which shares many of the qualities of the finest English market towns. Its historic buildings, streets and castle, which provides the backdrop for so much of what goes on in the town, are particular assets.

The Area Development Framework presents a vision for the town which is focused on serving the needs of local people and seeks to ensure it remains a centre for civil life, for shopping, for working and for education. It also anticipates change to become a place with a much richer mix of shops, cafés, restaurants, small businesses and creative enterprises.

The Area Development Framework was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance in December 2005. Copies of this are available at a cost of £15.00 + VAT and can be obtained by calling Mr David Morris 01384 814187.

The key to unlocking this potential is to increase the number of people that make their home in the town centre. New, high quality housing is needed right in the heart of the town. This can be achieved through conversion, infill and redevelopment within a framework of beautiful streets and other public spaces.

More people living in the town centre will support existing business and attractions and generate the demand for better shops and services. A substantial amount of new development and commercial floorspace will have the benefit of generating new job opportunities in both the short term during construction and longer term as new retailers and businesses are attracted to the town centre. Confidence and optimism will follow from a buoyant housing market and a growing population. A town with these qualities naturally becomes a place that people also want to visit.

"A positive and rejuvenating cycle of investment, a unique canvas for urban life and a firm basis for renaissance is within Dudley's grasp"