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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
We have identified nine opportunity areas. Some of these areas are already the subject of development pressure or they are deemed to be a priority for action.
In developing the Area Development Framework we have explored these opportunities in more detail. If the consultation process affirms that these are the areas where effort should be focused in the initial stages of implementation, a more detailed appraisal of viability and deliverability will be undertaken.
The nine opportunity areas being:
  1. Priory Place
  2. Tower Street
  3. Prospect Hill
  4. Cavendish Quarter
  5. Central Union
  6. Mill Gate East and West
  7. Priory Street
  8. Trident Triangle
  9. South West Gateway.
Development along Tower Street will utilise currently vacant sites and re-use existing buildings such as the fire station. A mixture of small office courts and apartments will be introduced around the Tower Street and the Broadway junction, strengthening the urban form of this area and providing an enhanced setting for Baylies's Hall. cafes and bars will be developed around the current fire station providing a mix of new apartments overlooking the adjoining public gardens.
Accessibility and pedestrian routes will be improved through enhancements to the public realm and by strengthening the role and character of Green Man Entry between Castle Street and Tower Street.
Land Use: In addition to the retained and converted buildings, more than 80 apartments, close to 4000sq metres of retail, 7000 sq metres of business/office space and 400 car parking spaces might be provided in the Tower Street area.