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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

Central Union will become a fulcrum within Dudley town centre, zipping together the High Street and Market Place to the north with new retail development around New Mill Gate to the south. Key to the proposals will be the re-working of King Street to create an attractive tree lined boulevard accommodating on-street parking, wide pavements and, along part of its length, Midland Metro.

Pedestrian crossings will link with routes through Long Entry and the Churchill Centre, whilst a new entrance point to the south of the centre will improve linkages through the existing mall and into New Mill Gate. Along King Street, new frontage development will provide a stronger urban form and introduce activity into the street through selective redevelopment to the south and subdivision of large plots and units to the north that currently only front the High Street.

Land Use: It is difficult at the early stage to quantify the scope for additional new development along King Street but it is certainly envisaged that new and reconfigured retail development will be encouraged.