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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline
Of all the opportunities in Dudley town centre New Mill Gate is perhaps the most exciting. A new urban quarter is proposed around New Mill Street and Flood Street focused on Midland Metro and incorporating a mix of substantial new retail and residential development. The area will radically enhance the setting of the town centre when approached from the south east and complement the mix of uses and opportunities already available in Dudley.
Development in New Mill Gate will re-establish a fine grained pattern of connected streets across the area with blocks designed to accommodate the needs of contemporary retail, including a large foodstore, and residential developers. In New Mill Gate East, the core retail area of the town centre will be extended around Flood Street with frontage development and a Midland Metro stop. Parking and services will be unobtrusively accommodated within the centre of blocks and apartments will be available above ground floor retail uses. In New Mill Gate West, town houses and apartments that front formal tree-lined streets will enclose parking courtyards and gardens, creating a network of well defined public and private spaces, which echoes the historic pattern of development that existed before slum clearance in this area. An emphasis on high quality will ensure that New Mill gate becomes a valued, integral part of Dudley town centre.
Land Use: In total close to 400 new homes, 19,000 sq metres of shopping and 3,000 sq metres of small business opportunities might emerge in this area.