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The Lye District Centre Action Plan was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance in 2004 and given the passage of time a review of the implementation plan was conducted to establish what aims had been achieved and what needed to be progressed. This exercise has been carried out in consultation with the Lye and Wollescote Partnership whose membership includes faith groups, community groups, schools, Council Officers, Ward Councillors, local residents and businesses, Police and other key stakeholders.

The update of the implementation plan sets out the current position of each aim in the Action Plan. It highlights the actions that have already been achieved, lists the projects that have not been implemented but are still relevant and also notes the actions that are no longer needed due to changed circumstances or where there are currently insufficient resources to implement them. For a more detailed analysis of the position of each action listed in the Plan, please see ‘Lye District Centre Position Statement, September 2006’(attachment at the bottom of this page).

Lye Action Plan Achievements

A number of aims identified in the Action Plan have been achieved, these include:-

  • Pocket Park revamp - including the introduction of ornamental fencing and gates, new seating and bins, pavement improvements, repainting of murals and clock funded by Dudley Council.

  • Design and construction of Public Park behind Christ Church Park- comprising of new green park with path, paved area, bins, seating and shrubs and fencing. This was funded by Dudley Council and the Countryside Agency.

  • Sir Cedric Hardwicke memorial has been completed and is located at Lye Cross.

  • Railway station improvements- including upgrading the footbridge, resurfacing the car park, new vandal proof shelter and the introduction of CCTV and lighting.

  • Development of a SureStart Family Centre on the Lye By-pass and the conversion of the shop at Lye Cross into a SureStart facility.

  • A healthy eating initiative called Healthy Take Away Award 2004 was run with a small number of establishments

Work in Progress

There are a number of projects, identified in the Action Plan that are being progressed, these include:-

  • Design and construction of Food Store-The sites identified in the Action Plan for retail have been declared as surplus to requirements and the Council is in pre application discussions with a retail developer.

  • Bring forward sites for housing development- The Council is now in a position to take forward selected sites that have been identified in the Action Plan for residential development, for marketing.

  • Potential LIFT scheme- Within the Action Plan, this site is identified for community facilities and recently the Council has been in negotiations with a developer about locating a LIFT scheme on this land. The site has been declared as surplus to requirements and pre application discussions are taking place

Other projects that have been achieved include:-

Community Safety Grants to Lye traders

Community safety grants were awarded to three traders in Lye that had suffered crime. These grants funded security improvements to their premises.

Funding secured to introduce street light in alleyway

As a result of concerns raised by the community and traders at Lye and Wollescote Partnership meetings, funding was secured to put up a street light in the alleyway leading from the High Street to the car park which is next to Christ Church Park.

(See pdf at the bottom of this page showing Map of Local Centre - Boundary).

A survey of all the 17 local and district centres takes place on an annual basis in order to measure the performance of each centre over time and is also used to compare areas and set priorities. The statistics collected include number of vacant units in the centre, number of vacant units in the areas that fall under the protected retail frontage and diversity of uses in the centre.

(See pdf at the bottom of this page showing Map of Local Centre - Survey).