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Quarry Bank Streetscape Enhancements and Environmental Improvements

The Approved Quarry Bank Local Centre Regeneration Plan identified a series of short, medium and long term proposals to help the centre's regeneration including improving the physical environment of the High Street.

The Council have secured funding to enable a sketch scheme to be drawn up that responds to the advice provided within the Regeneration Plan to show how the High Street could be improved to make it a more attractive place for people to visit, live within and invest in.

The Council have carried out consultation on these proposals between 19th January and 2nd February 2013 and wish to thank all those that have taken part. The responses received will now be assessed.

The plans below show the full extent of the sketch scheme proposals that have been consulted upon.

The broad content of the sketch scheme proposals that have been to consultation are summarised below:

1. Enhancing the footways

Replacing all existing block paving with reconstituted stone slabs between the High Street/Park Road/Oak Street junction at the western end of the High Street and the High Street/New Street junction at the eastern end of the High Street.

2. Providing new carriageway materials

Planning off existing tarmac surface and replacing it with coloured asphalt between the High Street/Park Street/Oak Street junction and High Street/New Street.

3. Gateway enhancement (1)

Provision of rigid flat top natural stone sett paving to carriageway points at the entrance points at each end of the High Street to mark a sense of entrance into Quarry Bank Centre.

4. Gateway enhancement (2)

Using public art to help celebrate gateway entrance points.

5. Build-outs and Parking Bays to High Street

These are suggested at intervals where they are currently positioned in the street but using re-surfaced carriageway materials of rigid flat setts.

6. Surrounds of the Community Centre

New surfacing and the inclusion of a raised speed table within the carriageway and footpaths outside the Community Centre and continuing into part of Sheffield Street to improve the physical and visual connection across the High Street.

7. Street Furniture

The provision of a new suite of street furniture which would include bollards to protect the footway from traffic, litter bins, seats to provide rest points up and down the high street, lighting columns. All would be suited to provide a sense of unity and environmental improvement to the High Street.

8. Planting

Exploration of potential locations for tree and shrub planting within the High Street to help improve visual amenity and enhance the area generally.

9. Local Sustainable Transport Fund - Proposed pedestrian and cycle improvements

These would:

  • widen the footway adjacent to Quarry Bank Primary School and re-site guardrail to create more space for pedestrians/school children and to slightly reduce the road crossing width.

  • improve Public Rights of Way (PROW) links into High Street from Chapel Street and Birch Coppice (e.g. signage, surfacing, tactile paving)

  • upgrade and convert the existing pedestrian crossing points on side roads with dropped kerbs and tactile paving where required, improving access for mobility impaired pedestrians

  • provide cycle parking

  • provide upgrades to existing bus stops/shelters to include solar powered real time passenger information at certain bus stops (details currently being developed by Centro)

  • develop a wider network of improved walking and cycling routes linking into the centre from the surrounding residential catchment areas and key local destinations, such as Stevens Park and Merry Hill.

The consultation responses received will now be assessed.

For any further information, please contact Dudley Council Plus by phoning 0300 5552345 or e-mailing