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Community Forums

Working together to improve our communities.

In Dudley we have a strong history of people working together to improve their local communities. Community forum meetings are open to everyone and provide a great opportunity for local councillors, police, local organisations/businesses and residents to come together on a regular basis.

Since January 2017 community forum meetings and Police and Communities Together (PACT) meetings have become joint meetings with both ward councillors and a police representative present at all forums.

Many of the issues and concerns that you have about your local area can only be addressed by all of us working together. We have received positive feedback on this arrangement as it has helped to reduce the overall number of meetings in local areas, as well as improve our ability to come up with solutions and work together to address local issues.

Community forum meetings

Community forums;

  • provide an opportunity for you to share all of the great things which are happening in the local area, as well as to discuss and collectively address local issues and concerns;
  • support you to be actively involved in your community through connecting you to other people and groups, enabling you to share ideas, and providing access to support and funding;
  • engage with you about local priorities and provide opportunities for you to influence plans and services which will impact on your local area;
  • focus on wider community issues rather than individual complaints or individual case work issues. These can be reported in a variety of ways including directly to your local councillor.

There are 10 community forums, each covering two or three wards. Meetings take place four times a year.

Community forum meetings have been suspended since January 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The next round of meetings will take place online in October and November 2021 via MS Teams. Please use the Eventbrite links below to book your place at the meeting or email

Community forum meetings provide a great opportunity for everyone to work together to benefit the local community. To ensure that everyone feels valued and able to contribute we have some guidelines for people attending community forums.

Community Development Workers

People in Dudley have some great ideas about how to make their community better but they don’t always know how to get started. This is where our team of Community Development Workers can help.

We are able to listen, build trust, share ideas and connect you to support resources, venues, groups and much more.

Working in this way we can create stronger, happier, more confident communities who work together and trust each other.

Find out more about Community Development Workers.

Funding and support

We care about our local communities and we know that you do too. Dudley Council provides community forum grants to help you make a difference in your local community. Grants of up to £5,000 can be awarded to voluntary or community organisations which are based in Dudley borough or which benefit people living in the borough.

Please contact a Community Development Worker if you would like support with your community forum application.