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The Dudley Schools Forum comprises representatives of maintained schools, academies and early years providers together with other local partners and stakeholders.

Since 2003 it has been a statutory requirement for Local Authorities to establish a Schools Forum for their area.  The Forums role is both consultative and advisory.

What does the Schools Forum do?

The framework for their constitution and workings are set in Government Statutory Instrument and Regulations from the Department for Education (DFE). Dudley’s Schools Forum operates within the Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council corporate democratic structure and meets, on average, twice per school term and these meetings are open to the public.

Schools Forums have specific remits and decision-making powers on local issues contained within the legal framework. Their role is to advise the Council on matters affecting schools funding – principally the allocation of Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG), and the local Fair Funding Formula which distributes budgets to schools, early years providers and other maintained education settings.

The extent to which Schools Forums can scrutinise and challenge such proposals is an important aspect of their effectiveness.

Information for Members - Additional Documents

Powers and Responsibilities

We have a number of documents below to provide members of the schools forum, local authority officers and elected members with advice on good practice in relation to the operation of Schools Forums. 

Memberships and Meeting Dates

Find out more about forum members, agendas and and meeting dates on the Schools Forum.

To view recordings of Meetings please visit Dudley MBC's Youtube Channel 

Regulations and Guidance Documents