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Community engagement related policies and strategies

There are a number of policies and strategies that help guide the Council in our approach to community engagement. These include national government policies, Council policies or policies the Council have developed with our partners.

Dudley Council policies and strategies

  • Council community engagement strategy. A Council-wide strategy outlining how the Council will go about engaging with communities and residents.

  • Council plan 2010. The overarching Council plan outlining our key priorities and actions for improving the quality of life for the people of the Dudley borough.

  • Statement of community involvement. A document forming an important part of the Council’s planning system, outlining how the Council will inform and involve communities and residents in planning decisions and applications.

Dudley Community Partnership (DCP) policies and strategies

  • Community strategy 2020 – the Dudley borough challenge. An overarching long term plan for the Dudley borough, outlining the major priorities and how they will be addressed to improve the quality of life for the people of Dudley.

  • Local compact. A partnership agreement between the local public sector (i.e. the Council, Police, Fire Service, Local Health Authority, etc) and the voluntary, community and faith sectors. The Compact aims to strengthen relationships and outline how the Council (and local public sector) will seek to involve the voluntary, community and faith sectors in community engagement activities.

  • Partnership community engagement strategy – ‘in it together’. A partnership strategy aiming to bring together organisations in the Dudley borough (including the Council) to propose a consistent approach to community engagement.

National government policies and strategies