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Integrated Commissioning Hub Market Position Statement

The Care Act and the Children and Families Act sets out a legal requirement for all Local Authorities to promote people’s well-being for better outcomes.

Whilst Dudley MBC has developed a high level market position statement we have intend to integrated our Market Position Statement within the Boroughs Joint Strategic Assessment which is currently been refreshed.

The Market Position Statement provides a detailed vision for the Dudley Social Care Market relating to our future commissioning intentions strategically and inter-jointly for all our commissioned services regarding early help, prevention and wellbeing support as well as information about the local communities within the Dudley borough.

Following on the introduction of the Integrated Commissioning Hub, we have brought together the commissioning functions of Children and Young People, Adult Social Care and Public Health. This will and already is significantly increasing opportunities to join up commissioning activity and enable the authority and its residents to benefit from more effective and efficient commissioned services.

Therefore the MPS covers Children and Young People and Public Health and not just Adult Social Care. The council is committed to stimulating a diverse active market where innovation is encouraged and rewarded and where poor practice is actively discouraged.

Dudley’s commitment continues to contribute to the overall plan and aspiration of delivering a community council.

Children's Market Position Statement (Sufficiency Strategy)

Dudley Council has the highest ambitions for our children and young people. Our vision is to give children the best start in life and to support families to be independent, responsible and successful and to ensure we provide the highest levels of public protection for our most vulnerable children.

Children's Market Position Statement

Older People Market Position Statement

This document is aimed at existing and potential providers of adult social care and support.  It represents the start of a dialogue between the council, people who use services, carers, providers and others, about the vision for the Dudley social care market.

Older People Market Position Statement

All Age Disability Market Position Statement

This Market Position Statement (MPS) acknowledges there are a number of providers that deliver services across a wide range of needs for people with disabilities within Dudley.   

The MPS sets out the vision for the disability market and through provider engagement will enable us to deliver outcomes based care and support that promotes independence and inclusion.

All Age Disability Market Position Statement

Special Educational Needs and Disability Market Position Statement

Our vision is to improve the lives of children with special educational needs and disabilities in the Dudley borough to have high aspirations and to reach their full potential. We will achieve our ambitions in partnership with children, young people, their parents, carers, professionals and our local community.